What is WHMCS and Why It Is Crucial for Reseller Hosting

Many hosting providers used to handle orders and payments by using spreadsheets and standalone billing software. While these tools can get the work done, WHMCS is a great tool for managing clients and billing. In this article, we will explain all that you need to know about WHMCS for your Reseller Web Hosting business.

Some basics first…

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution is a comprehensive tool which helps you in client management and billing for the web hosting business. Earlier it was a private company from the UK and was subsequently acquired by cPanel. It is the leading name in the software which automates all the processes pertaining to web hosting, as well as, registering domains.

Why is WHMCS crucial for Reseller Hosting?

If we were to put it simply, WHMCS is a software which makes things simpler for all resellers. Its most important feature is automated billing where the software collects payments from your customers automatically.

Further, it takes care of a range of services pertaining to hosting like setting up of new accounts as well as domains, management of existing accounts, consolidation of customer communication, and setting up of tools which allow the clients to service many requests themselves. WHMCS is also compatible with more than 200 service providers and control panels like cPanel, Enom, Plesk, Weebly, Solus VM, ResellerClub, Symantec, Direct Admin, Cloudflare, etc. Some features of WHMCS are:

  • Locking and unlocking domains
  • Registering and/or managing private name servers
  • Requesting EPP codes (EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port)
  • Offering registration, renewals, as well as transfers
  • Viewing and updating WHOIS info
  • Offering add-ons like SSL, email, etc.

Therefore, as a hosting reseller, having a WHMCS will help you streamline most of your work. Further, WHMCS is a license-based software and the plans have been designed to suit the requirements of different business sizes. Here is a quick look at the plans offered by them:

  • Starter – $15.95 per month (includes a ‘powered by’ branding link)
  • Plus – $18.95 per month (no branding link and allows up to 250 clients)
  • Professional – $24.95 per month (no branding link and allows up to 1000 clients)
  • Business – $39.95 per month (no branding link and allows unlimited clients)

Many Reseller Hosting providers offer free WHMCS along with the hosting package. Ensure that you ask the provider about charges (if any) before finalizing the plan. Further, some hosting providers also offer a free WHMCS plugin which enables you to offer more products to your customers.

Summing Up

WHMCS is certainly a must-have if you are entering the hosting reseller business. Talk to your hosting provider about it and ensure that you have access to it before purchasing the reseller package.