What is WHMCS and Why It Is Crucial for Reseller Hosting

Many hosting providers used to handle orders and payments by using spreadsheets and standalone billing software. While these tools can get the work done, WHMCS is a great tool for managing clients and billing. In this article, we will explain all that you need to know about WHMCS for your Reseller Web Hosting business.

Some basics first…

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution is a comprehensive tool which helps you in client management and billing for the web hosting business. Earlier it was a private company from the UK and was subsequently acquired by cPanel. It is the leading name in the software which automates all the processes pertaining to web hosting, as well as, registering domains.

Why is WHMCS crucial for Reseller Hosting?

If we were to put it simply, WHMCS is a software which makes things simpler for all resellers. Its most important feature is automated billing where the software collects payments from your customers automatically.

Further, it takes care of a range of services pertaining to hosting like setting up of new accounts as well as domains, management of existing accounts, consolidation of customer communication, and setting up of tools which allow the clients to service many requests themselves. WHMCS is also compatible with more than 200 service providers and control panels like cPanel, Enom, Plesk, Weebly, Solus VM, ResellerClub, Symantec, Direct Admin, Cloudflare, etc. Some features of WHMCS are:

  • Locking and unlocking domains
  • Registering and/or managing private name servers
  • Requesting EPP codes (EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port)
  • Offering registration, renewals, as well as transfers
  • Viewing and updating WHOIS info
  • Offering add-ons like SSL, email, etc.

Therefore, as a hosting reseller, having a WHMCS will help you streamline most of your work. Further, WHMCS is a license-based software and the plans have been designed to suit the requirements of different business sizes. Here is a quick look at the plans offered by them:

  • Starter – $15.95 per month (includes a ‘powered by’ branding link)
  • Plus – $18.95 per month (no branding link and allows up to 250 clients)
  • Professional – $24.95 per month (no branding link and allows up to 1000 clients)
  • Business – $39.95 per month (no branding link and allows unlimited clients)

Many Reseller Hosting providers offer free WHMCS along with the hosting package. Ensure that you ask the provider about charges (if any) before finalizing the plan. Further, some hosting providers also offer a free WHMCS plugin which enables you to offer more products to your customers.

Summing Up

WHMCS is certainly a must-have if you are entering the hosting reseller business. Talk to your hosting provider about it and ensure that you have access to it before purchasing the reseller package.

Online Training Companies: Advice on Making the Right Choice

Online Training

There has been a significant change in the dimensions of training and studying. With the rise of Internet usage in every area of life, tutoring has a new sizing with online tutoring. This contemporary medium to train and studying has not only helped parent search for a reliable remedy for the training and studying of their loving kids but it also provides a lot of versatility for the students.

The use of entertaining resources, a benefit of customized attention and accessibility of flexible timings makes it much easier for students to learn and communicate in an entertaining way. However, to help make the most of this innovative form of studying, it is imperative for making the right option from the many online tutoring companies have just delved in the business to tap the hidden potential. Finding the right company may be a frightening task, however, here are some suggestions to help you make the best selection of an online tutoring company:

  1. Considering the popularity is important. A company that has made its mark in additional education and studying and has won the minds and hearts of parent and students offer the best selection.
  2. Technology and technique of the company should be taken into consideration. Ensure that the entertaining resources used by the company are simple to use and accomplish smooth communication. Online system used by the company and the resources to interact greatly affect the performance of studies.
  3. Consider the employees. The number of instructors employed and the executive staff shows the strength of the accompanying.
  4. A company that provides assured grade improvement and cash back provide a secure option for the parent to provide the best accounting help. It provides you with an idea that the company you are choosing for is confident about its services and works hard to maintain its popularity.
  5. opt for the one which provides you with a no-liability or free trial of the assistance offered. This will help you search for an understanding of the technique of period and the quality to train and studying provided.
  6. opt for the company that provides reasonably priced services along with versatility in the payment schemes. You should be able to opt for time-limited regular membership or a pay-per-session deal.

Look for a guarantee of considerable progress when choosing an online tutoring service. You need to invest some period in looking for the right company. Browse through the leading online tutoring companies despite involving in playing online games to find the one that provides the best fit.

Hire Web Developers India – An Affordable Concept for Web Development

The second dense populated country India in the world is popular in the technological world as the favorite destination of outsourcing as well.
The companies get maximum value for web development projects by the different concepts used by the web development service providing companies. One of the most prospective concepts is hire web developers, which allows the outsourcing company or businessmen to shape web applications in their own way. Programmers on rent from professional offshore service providers are the best, affordable and most useful option for the outsourcing firms of developed nations.

These talented, experienced and professional human resources are creating an easy web development environment. A good hold on universal language English makes them more valuable for offshore businessmen. Communicating in fluent English with foreign clients helps them to understand the complete necessities of web development project as well as other technical & non technical needs. Performing programming practices by using different technologies for various types of projects is complex without sound communication between each other. The concept of project basis web development is not suitable for every outsourcing firm and businessmen. The outsourcing web development jobs may be small to consider as project. In the case of small sized web development jobs, the concept of Hire web developer / programmer/ designer is most beneficial option for outsourcing firms or single businessman. A web developer on rent is cost effective and time saver method in the modern, highly competitive, and costly business environment on the web.

India is the producer of a large segment of highly qualified IT professionals and software engineers. Software engineers on hire basis from India are one of the hot stories in various types of media for the last many years. The challenges of a wide range of complex web development jobs accepted by web developers of India are really admirable. Web business examiners say: “The affordable worth of any dedicated hire web developer from India is one of factors of popularity of this concept in offshore outsourcing markets.” Any individual businessman, small, medium and even large sized outsourcing firms can hire web developers proficient in different programming languages. Hire web programmers proficient in various open source technologies are also easily available at professional web development companies. Hire PHP web developers, Hire ASP.NET developers, Hire Joomla web developers, Hire Java developers and many more for the custom web application development are easily available. Moreover, these professionals on hire basis are capable of performing various other IT practices other than website development such application migration, CRM development, CMS development, ecommerce application, ERP systems, etc.

Church Web Design – Top 5 Benefits Of Your Church Having A Website

Discover Church Web Design

Discover why it has become imperative for Churches to invest in websites, to make sure they do not rely on the banks to bring them financial stability. If your Church is anything like mine, you will understand the need for contributions towards the church, missions and day to day bills. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Church full of worshipers and followers relieving the stress of financing within your church and bringing the fun back into Christianity.

Church Website Introduction

So you would like to understand why the 21st Century is forcing everybody to have a website.
I understand how you feel, as this is exactly what occurred within my church and the needs for church web design. It was not until they found an affordable way to purchase a website on monthly payments that they believed they would be able to float in a sinking boat.
Please continue to find out benefits of church web design and analyse that these external pressure for the need to have a church web design is not a terrible aspect, it can be a blessing.

5 Church Web Design Tips

1.Church Web Design allows people to find you:
By the means of Google it has become easier for a church to create a website and get their location indexed within search results. A church web design can benefit even further by allowing people to search the city a church is in as well as their religion.

2.Facebook and Twitter are impersonal compared to a Church Web Design:
By a church web design, a church can offer their service to a vast congregation whom may not be following the church on social media. This means that a church web design will again reach out to more people than Facebook and Twitter can, as it can be found on any aspect of the internet.

3.Online donations for church website:
Now days is can be easier for people to send donations over the internet and electronic banking. This makes is imperative for a church to have a church web design, so that they can receive these benefits and not miss the potential for more donations.

4.Church Web Design provides an overview:
With curiosity comes phone calls and can use up a lot of time. Through a church web design, a pastor will find that their congregation will be going to the website to find service times, information, fete outline and other up-to-date aspects.

5.Staying In touch with the current church goers:
Church web design is not focused just to people who want to build their congregation but also for people who want to stabilise relationships with their current congregation. A church web design can provide an updatable blog, upload sermons, etc to make sure the current congregation are current with what the church is undertaking.

Church web design is not all about the above benefits, a church website can bring many more various aspects to your church. Make sure your get an industry specific for Religious websites such as Church Web Design.

Last Thoughts About Church Web Design

These 5 benefits are truly powerful to understand why a church requires a specific church web design.
There are many more benefits that a church web design can provide to your church. These can be essential for the longevity of your church and its congregation.
To bring your church from the stone age into the new age, be sure to bring on a church specific web design and development.
To recognise these requirements and what to look for in your churches new website, visit the free resource at:

Web Design Sydney Web Development

Moving your business online takes a lot of planning to make sure that it runs off smoothly. You want to make sure that your business has a persona that reflects who you are as a company, so your clients can relate it to who you are and what you do. A well designed web site creates impact and always people come back. A lot of people prefer to keep the whole thing as simple and as cheap as possible, purely because they just want web presence and nothing more. Unfortunately, they dont seem to realise that the internet is a powerful tool for people to do business and if you utilise it effectively, your online business could outshine anything you do in the real world any day.

There are a number of great web designers emerging from Australia at the moment and a lot of them have the experience to give your business what it needs to be a success. Web design Sydney will get you on the right track with your search engine, and you can view some of the talent that Australians have to offer. Now before you go ahead and contact any of them, you should consider a few of these pitfalls so you can avoid any of the mishaps that a lot of these designers make. Creativity can be a blessing and a curse, and if your designer goes overboard, you could end up losing your visitors. Always advise them to keep it simple, while giving you what you want. Make sure they listen to you when you talk to them. Its very easy to go off and do your own thing with these guys, so you have to keep them on track by making sure they do what you ask. Try not to get over charged by any of them. There is a lot of competition for web design out there, and if one guy is over charging then you can always move on to the next. You just need to make sure that they can deliver what you ask for. You should never pay them upfront for any work; always wait until you are happy with the end result before you hand over the cheque.

Unless you are starting out on the internet, you will most likely have an existing business image. You will need to carry that through to the site so that people will relate to it. If you are starting out then, you need to explain what it is that you want, or perhaps ask for suggestions from the designer.

Image is Everything, Web Design Birmingham Understands Your Business’ Needs

Customers want to feel special. They want to experience or see something new with every web page offering product/service. Although the products might be the same, any business’ approach should be unique, a different attack as per say. Customers need to feel obliged to buy whatever it is you are selling just by the looks of your web site. Web design Birmingham offers just that and more.

But first what is a web design? How is it different from graphic design? Web design is the core of the entire web page. It is the web site itself, everything else above it can be considered as the graphic design. Although there are free website designs, it doesn’t really benefit your business in any way. Customers these days are looking for a website that has been worked on for hours, with money going out of the company just to impress them.

A website should be trustworthy, professional looking and credible in order for it to be effective. Based on your personal experience with online shopping you will not buy anything from a website that looks like a scam right? Scam being unprofessional. As a business, put yourself in the customers’ shoes. You’ve been a customer once so you would know, what they want, what might appeal to their taste. Remember to put in what your customer wants, not what you want.

Web design Birmingham can create a web page specifically designed for a growing business. The website shouldn’t be lavish, the goal is to keep it simple, organized, easy to comprehend and user-friendly. Another thing that can attract customer is for your website to be interactive. While there are a lot of free web design online, there is a just a few who are really practicing the profession or should I say art of website design. Web design Birmingham shares those few professionals.

You see, a typical customer would just look at the page, if he/she doesn’t like it, it will take him/her just a second to go to another products/service provider, after all there a lot of them online. The most important tip to remember for a business to effectively sell a product is to keep your customer on your website. If you can just get them into browsing your products, show them how beneficial it is for them to buy whatever you are selling. Then you have yourself a customer right there. But how will that happen if your web page is lousy? With web design Birmingham they understands the needs of your customers and the wants of the business.

A Website Design holds its own and succeeds in keeping a viewer’s attention

At Wildnet Technologies a professional design website make sure that the marketing campaign or branding effort is successful, a marketer should get a website professionally designed.

It is without dispute that the success of a marketing campaign relies on the website and Website Design Company. In order to make sure that the marketing campaign or branding effort is successful, a marketer should get a website professionally designed. A professional design will help distinguish a website from other umpteen templates out there, which are easily discarded by viewers as they are repetitive in nature.

Original design vs Template

While template based designs are easy to implement, their usage shows that a marketer is not serious in his efforts. If a viewer sees a website that looks the same as another, then a viewer would know that the marketer is not genuine. This in turn would affect the marketer in his niche. In addition to that, template based designs lack the quality that can attract. On the other hand professional Web Design UK is one of a kind and they are designed considering the viewer and the market.

A professional Website Design Services provider will ensure that the website and its content are optimised for search engines. Search engines are perhaps the most important sources of traffic and if a website is not designed keeping search engines in mind, the campaign will fail despite all the flourishes in design.

The matter of content in Web Design UK

A website holds its own and succeeds in keeping a viewer’s attention with not just the visual, but also it’s content. The eye lingers for not more than a few seconds on the visual part but it is the content that keeps the viewer glued to it. So the content, be it visual or audio or plain text, should be placed only after considering the market and the audience that is expected to view the website. In addition to that, a professional Website Design UK services provider can also regularly update your website to make it stay in tune with the changing market.

Benefit Of Unlimited Hosting

Many a number of business man or a business organization whose business is of type to attract customers had a website on the internet; this proves that how much essential and the demand for this website hosting services really have. One must remember that their online business depends on best hosting service. If an e-commerce site has to be run, then one can approach to a secure web hosting service rather than other direct web services. One should consider/choose the web hosting plan which offers best quality service and which could able to make available all its resources.

Some of the brilliant features named under hosting services are unlimited web hosting and unlimited band width. The website must be made well renowned to the online users by keeping colorful graphics and attractive signs on your web pages. The hosting plans that available with limited space requirement may end within short span of time therefore you need to switch to the unlimited hosting plan where you can store a large number of contents and their resources were available round the clock and were very helpful to link up the services to your customers.

Many companies offer multiple website hosting where you can host all other sites related to your business on the same hosting plan without paying any extra money and that to managing all these websites is made simple. That makes a sense of creation of the control panel by which one can control the access of all other websites on a common hosting platform. Here in this you need not remember your site’s password or of many of same kind and can access and create many a number of emails which can be kept available to other web browsers.

Remember one thing to be aware of those companies which charges heavily against creation of email addresses. They might keep some limit up to the range of 5 to 10 email addresses within that particular hosting plan.

Next important aspect essential to maintain your services is the maintenance of bandwidth. It is the word related to the website traffic and the capacity of our site to manage it.

Bandwidth generally calculated on monthly basics starting from zero. It increase through online traffic as many visitors visit your website and also you will do several uploading and downloading of videos, images and files rapidly; this may lead to the shut down of your site because of limited bandwidth allocation. But by choosing the unlimited bandwidth along with your hosting plan will increase the chances to keep your customers with you and can be tightly bonded to your business products by increasing the confidence in your customers making your products to avail to them all time.

Hence it is very important thing to choose such unlimited plans and must get benefits up to max. Why you should pay such huge monthly rent against those limited plans and limiting your chances. So its trust worthy to choose such unlimited plans which were helpful and support you to spread your business easily in much less time.

Always go for cheap hosting services provider that offer unlimited hosting packages because you don’t know when you need more space, for more information visit:

Essential Skills Or Abilities Of Web Designers

A professional web designer should have a host of abilities or skills which need to be upgraded from time to time. The professional web design services provider should have intensive research skills, listening skills, self-learning ability and SEO knowledge. But, why? Go through the article to explore the reasons.

Interface space management is what a web designer should excel at. It is as important as space management in newspapers and magazines. Space on the interface of a website is divided between design and content, just as it is distributed between pictures and content in newspapers. In website design, space should not be crowded or congested with either images or text. In newspapers, space is the most precious commodity which is utilized to the max. A good web designer should have a keen eye to dealing with the interface space aesthetically and treating it commercially. Effective interface space management accentuates brand communication.

Research and investigation
Any creative work is valued only if it is unique and appeals. Similarly, a website is expected to have unique look and feel. A website should be designed following a research on various aspects from various angles. A research on effectiveness of the latest trends and techniques is a practical approach to web design. Research is followed by investigation into a specific niche categorizing websites serving the same purpose under a class. How do other websites in that niche look? What is fetching visitors to the sites? How appealing is their interface? An investigation on these issues helps web designers not only design a new website uniquely but also make it better than the rest.

Listening skill
Take a comprehensive approach to design a website. Listening to the client and what he needs is the most essential requirement. A mutual understanding between you and the client results when the clients purpose and what the site is aimed to achieve is clear to you. Professional web designers are supposed to create websites focusing on the goals defined or set by the client. Make a list of questions to be answered by the client. It a much-practiced way to drag important details out of the client. Based on the details, you can identify the main purpose.

Self learning
Web design is an ever-changing field much like fashion. It is a sphere of creativity, and creativity is never stagnant. Continual self-learning or self development or skill development is the key to help you walk on a straight track towards achieving the challenging goals. Web design is a concoction of visual design, coding, technology, psychology, and human factors. With the ups and downs in the graph of these factors, web design is a changing phenomenon. Professional web designers keep learning on those factors to update their web design services as per the improvements in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization
Web design and SEO are tuned with each other these days. If website is not search engine friendly in design, it does not come up in search engine results. The design structure should be designed in such a way as to help search engine bots navigate through the site. A search engine friendly website has to be user friendly. A user friendly website has complete menu bar, smooth navigation, attractive call to action and suitable images. Web design services should come with SEO knowledge.

Importance Of Seo Web Design

In present day scenario, every business needs to have web presence. Information technology has made a foray in each and every aspect of our lives. Every website should be SEO friendly in order to enhance visitor flow to the site. But to have a SEO friendly web portal is not a cat walk. There are so many factors which play a vital role in creating a SEO friendly portal such as flash web design. Everyone wants a SEO friendly website because such a website will get higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The website which will get higher search engine rankings will obviously make more profit.

How to make SEO friendly website?

Most of the search engines make use of a specific technology to give ranks to any portal on the search pages. The ranks are also given on the basis on backlinks on a particular site and off-page and on-page optimization. If you want to have a SEO friendly site then you will have to hire services of a SEO expert which will provide you high class web design templates. Once your portal gets dynamically created in accordance to the SEO standards, your desire of having a good website ranking will be fulfilled. So SEO web design is basically very important to draw visitors to your portal. When a dynamic website is launched you tend to get feedbacks as regards its improvement. You can actually get positive results when you work on these feedbacks.

Besides this, the essential action in the course of streamlining any website consists of search engine optimization, and this begins with the SEO web design. When you get your website designed by an expert, it automatically provides you with a Search engine Optimized website design.

Mentioned below are few tips for designing SEO friendly web portal. Follow all these tips in order to design a SEO friendly website:

Place the menu of your website right at the top of the website.

Name of the company or other business linked keywords need to be set aside as “alt text” for purpose of logo.

‘Header Tag’ is highly important for higher search rankings. The website design firm should insert few keywords in the heading tag.

Each and every page of the site must have unique title as well as description.

CSS as well as java script files need to be put in external folders. Due to this process, the page size will decrease and download speed will amplify.

Your website browser should be fully compatible to work in a proper manner on different browsers, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

All these seo web design tips can help you in designing a search engine Optimized website as well as optimize a website that pulls the required quantity of seo web traffic. Never ever undermine the importance of a good SEO web design. It can actually do wonders for your business.